"MIMI" Box ™

  The Brand New "MIMI" Box ™ for jewelry and cosmetics with professional LED light for makeup! Finally, no more cosmetics clutter! Perfect holidays gift for the beloved person!

Shine bright with "MIMI" Box`s™ LED Light! 
An organizer is equipped with an LED light mirror! It is very convenient to use it as a makeup station.  Here is the full list of advantages below!
Forget about losing lipstick, earrings or your favorite powder. Use the "MIMI" Box`s™ light to see every inch of your skin perfectly. Find T-zones,  apply foundation and powder evenly, highlight eyes or lips with the bright light on!
New "MIMI" Box ™ can be used everywhere. The  USB charging is convenient and fast. An organizer is  dustproof and waterproof, so no worries about your cosmetics inside!
  • Our box is  compact and has a  lot of storage inside at the same time.
  • Carry  "MIMI" Box ™wherever you need.
  • It is  made with high-quality plastic - nothing will be broken.
Let`s glance at all the advantages of this beautiful treasure beyond the  time-limited price and  FREE shipping !
"MIMI" Box ™ is an awesome gift for modern and classy girls.
It is suitable for women who want to have everything folded in one place. 
Still thinking? Hurry up and grab yours before the holidays!